Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Strength at the core of your operation.​


Wire ropes can be grouped into two broad categories by the type of central core used. Independent wire rope core (IWRC) ropes are the stronger of the two and offer the greater resistance to crushing and high temperatures. Fibre core (FC) wire ropes while weaker, offer advantages in terms of flexibility, weight and of course price.


Our factory is preponderant in providing high tensile strength, ductility and extra weight and size ropes. Our products divide into nine series: rope for marine, rope for offshore oil, rope for mine, ropes of extra diameters, rope for special use, rope fr funicular, ropes for bridges, steel strands and stainless steel wire ropes. On your special request, we can offer products including pretensile wire ropes, plastics coated wire ropes and nylon-coated wire ropes..

Sling and component is another specialty of our company. With a team of experts in design and material, we have incomparable advantages over our rivals. According to GB, ISO, EN, DIN, JIS and other standards both bome and abroad, we can offer slings with Alum socket, hand-tucked slings and socket, alloyed socket, endless grommet, and socket. Trough fatigue test and breaking tensile test, the socket has better performance than the standard required, with extra safety factors. Furthermore, our experts can offer specialized design and manufacture services in terms of the actual working environment and needs.