Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Designed with safety in mind.


For the Marine and Offshore industry, moorings are a pertinent part of every vessel that requires a berth in an area where permanent tie up options alongside are not available or not practical to where the vessel is likely to carry out its daily activity.


It is also highly important that the mooring is suitable for the vessel tethered to it for a number of reasons most of them relating to Safety and Security to the vessel. A poorly designed or constructed mooring can cause incalculable damage to surrounding vessels or infrastructure if it fails which can be easily prevented if professionally approached.


81m Ferry Cyclone Mooring Arrangement

Design Parameters:

Location: Gladtone Harbour

Water Depth: xxxm

Surge:      xxxm

Sig Wave Height: 2.00m

Design Wind Speed: 281.9kg/h

Current Velocity: 2.06m/s