Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Aquaculture Industry


Since the 1980s, due to the worldwide overfishing and environmental pollution, fisheries resources recession. For this purpose, the fishing industry focus from traditional hunting-style capture fisheries to grazing formula aquaculture fisheries, especially to avoid the nishore gulf and places easilly to be polutted, people turn to the offshore place to develop the high economic fish cages aquaculture industry. It become the consensus of the world.


1850m Deepwater Single Point Mooring in Kona, Hawaii, USA

The netpen will be located downcurrent from the mooring, by a long nylon tather rope to a delta plate in the riser chain approximately 10m below the buoy. There will be a delta plate integrated into the riser chain by two conners, with the third corner pointed perpendicularly to the mooring rode, eventually providng an attachment point for cage tether, The chain riser will continue up to another delta plate at approximately 3m which will anchor chain pendants from the each of the catamaran’s two hull.

The goal of the mooring is to create an inverse catenary. e 5400ft of floating rope would constitute the bottom of the 10800ft mooring line, with the 5400ft of sinking rope forming the top half.