Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Chain provides a strong and economical solution for many mooring and marine applications.​


The weight of chain is often employed to produce a catenary effect: this has the effect of dampening loads in the system and offers a restoring force for station keeping purposes. In many cases, chain is coupled with fibre or wire rope to give the best of both worlds. Sections of chain on a mooring line provide weight and wear resistance where it is most needed, while fibre sections keep weight down and improve the managability of the system.


Haosail provides high quality marine and offshore chain from common U2/U3 grade chain to R3, R3S, R4 offshore chain and non-standard chains and fittings.


Our products have been approved by ABS of USA, DNV of Norway, LR of UK, BV of France, NK of Janpan, GL of Germany, KR of Korea, Rina of Italy, CCS of China.