Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Anchors form a critical part of ships fit or mooring systems. 


Haosail offers an extensive range of anchors and fittings to meet any application or ships fit requirement. 

AC-14 HHP Anchor
Delta HHP Anchor
Danforth Anchor
Hall Stockless Anchor
Stevpris MK5(HY-17 Anchor) 
Stingray Anchor
Clump Weights / Sinkers
The size of an anchor is generally referred to by its weight in air. Anchor holding power is determined by the anchor's efficiency multiplied by its weight. The efficiency of the anchor is determined by design, testing and the type of soils in which the anchor will be expected to perform. As the size of an anchor is increased, its efficiency decreases. A concrete sinker has an efficiency of approximately 0.5:1 whereas modern specialist anchors can have efficiencies up to 100: 1 depending on soil conditions.